It is YOU that MATTERS, not the Cancer!!

CANCER, the word itself makes us realize a breath while pronouncing it, correlating in a way that it is not a permanent resident within us. CANCER- which says that one CAN overcome it with proper Care, Evacuation and Revolution (CER). That simply means evacuation of the cancerous cells with the ultra-careful revolutionizing advancement in the field of science and technology.

Cancer begins as an uncontrolled mass of cells that divides despite the regulatory checks by the immune system. Cancer is a devil that escapes and fools the watchdog systems of body and evades the internal mechanism. However, with few changes in lifestyle and a sense of information one can change and save yourself and your family from the devilish attack the host.

Getting bogged down by the burden of getting cancer in near future is just not the correct way to get out of it. Let us just see what can be done to save ourselves and our beloved ones from it. As always said Prevention is better than Cure, but in reality only reading about preventive facts doesn’t matter, it’s the implementation that matters. So let's gear up to protect your near and dear ones from the beast Cancer.

Avoid the Terrible Tobacco: be it the active tobacco intake or passive exposure, remember always that it matters how it affects your body and its mechanisms. 

Shake your bum, baby: indulge in exercises which helps manage to reduce the cancer risk by keeping you active throughout.

Healthy diet: plenty of water, loads of greens, whole grains and nuts must be a part of your daily intake. A healthy diet marks the beginning of good and disease free life. Nutrients like calcium, vitamins, folic acid, Omega-3 fatty acids should become an integral part of your meals!

Be a shade lover: avoid sunrays to protect from skin cancer as it has harmful UV rays. But also remember to take up sufficient Vitamin D early in the mornings!!
Immunization against the evil: get immunized against HPV to avoid cervical, penis, vaginal, anal cancers. HBV and HCV to avoid liver cancer.Epstein-barr virus increases chances of Burkitt’s lymphoma and gastric cancer by Helicobacter pylori.

Reduce Radiation Risk: ionizing radiations from X-rays, CT scans, Nuclear medicine scans, and fluoroscopy are a potent risk and unnecessary contact with them should be avoided.

Limit boozing: love getting tipsy?? But learn to keep it under control to reduce cancer risk.

Be lean for your kin: obesity adds to the risk of cancer, keep a track on your calorie intake and maintain it low by exercising enough.

A healthy lifestyle coupled with the necessary precautions will ensure proper distance from cancer. Be informed about the correct ways to overcome cancer and also make sure to inform others as words matter. So what you waiting for, take action, bring a change in your lifestyle and remember to spread a word about it to your friends and family.

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