Ways to prevent Cancer

Research still hasn’t been successful in jotting down a method for fool-proofing ourselves from cancer. There is no cast-iron guarantee that by following a healthy lifestyle one can be free from cancer. But one thing they all agree is it reduces the risk of the disease. Studies done so far have all concluded that smoking, diet, alcohol and obesity are behind many a type of cancers.

Lifestyle and environmental risk factors are analyzed here:

Tobacco no more!
Prevention is better than cure is a familiar saying and yet it doesn’t drive home that we should do our best in protecting our children from influences that would lead them to take up smoking. At the same time, we also need to help the ones addicted to this habit quit at the earliest.

Watch the expanding waist line!
besity and being overweight was one of the biggest causes of cancer. Despite this, people are still unaware that their weight can have such a strong influence on their cancer risk. Increased levels of insulin and insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1) may help some cancers to develop.

Eat your fruits and veggies!
Relying on supplements to make up for the deficiency doesn’t reduce the risk. It is important to include these in our daily diet as they provide for the important vitamins, minerals, and fibre that the body needs to deflect harmful mutation. Eating a high-fibre diet can reduce the risk of bowel cancer so that cancer-causing chemicals in our food aren’t in contact with the bowel wall for so long.

Go the teetotaller way!
 You don’t have to cut out alcohol completely to reduce the risk of cancer – the more do, however, the more you can reduce the risk. For the ones that indulge in on a regular basis, it is advised to keep a track to see how much alcohol you really drink – many people underestimate the amount.

Does work make Jack sick?

Some people are more at risk of cancer as a result of chemicals or practices used in their occupations. But improved safety in the workplace means fewer people will be at risk now than in the past

Too much of Vitamin D

Excessive exposure to UV light, whether from the sun or sunbeds, can cause skin cancers. Rates of malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, are rising fast.

Red and processed meat

Studies have found that the excessive consumption of processed meat has increased one’s risk of bowel cancer. Red meat is any fresh, minced or frozen beef, pork, lamb or veal. And processed meat means anything that’s been preserved (apart from by freezing) – so it includes salami, bacon, ham and sausages. Eating small amounts of these meats won’t have a huge effect on cancer risk, but it’s a good idea to limit your intake to avoid falling into the risk zone.


Trying and limiting one’s exposure to radiation will go a long way in saving us from damaging our DNA framework. However, we are all exposed to natural background radiation all the time and occasionally exposed to higher doses, such as from X-rays, radiotherapy or traveling by airplane.

Being physically active

A 30-minute moderate exercise routine coupled with the healthy diet can do wonders in shielding you from the threat of cancer.

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