How to avoid risk of oral Cancer?

Quit smoking say no to tobacco.
Just like getting oneself wet in the rain for longer periods may expose us to something as trivial as cold or sometimes a serious chest infection! So also does the regular consumption of cigarettes or tobacco lead to grave ail! Hence, it is advised to quit at the earliest. Development of oral cancer is reportedly higher among users of tobacco and alcohol (particularly beer and hard liquor). Staying away or discontinuing the use of tobacco decreases one’s risk of oral cancer.

Check the Tartar on your teeth.

I know it’s hard to digest that something as small as an ignored tartar (a form of hardened dental plaque) can lead to a cancer tomorrow. Dental Plaque is made up of a film of bacteria, which covers the surfaces of the teeth, including the gaps between the teeth and gums. Dental plaque, which indicates poor oral hygiene, is a potential source of infections, which has previously been implicated in systemic health problems.

Like a termite that eats up the wood and brings down a house so does an ignored oral hygiene make you prone to something as deadly as cancer! Researchers in Sweden recently came about with a finding that an increased amount of dental plaque has been linked to premature cancer death. The study hypothesis confirmed the finding that poor oral hygiene, as reflected in the amount of dental plaque, was connected with the increased cancer mortality.

Check on the excess Vitamin D exposure.
Bathe yourself in some good sun block before you hit the streets. Excess exposure to sunlight may increase the risk of lip cancer, which occurs most often on the lower lip. Avoiding the sun by using a sunscreen or lip balm helps prevent oral cancer.

Balance a good diet.
Diet and nutrition are keywords to a healthy self. As the body exerts to cover up the lapse of changing times, we need to supplement it with a balanced diet to prevent oneself from contracting any infections or diseases that may lead us to something as grave as oral cancer!

Do it yourself.
It is advisable to examine yourself frequently to detect anything that is unusual. Examine your tongue and gums regularly and if you feel there is a lump inside your mouth or around your throat, then a quick visit to your dentist advisable.

Care for your pearly whites!
For a great oral health it is advisable to visit a dentist regularly so as to detect sores and treat them efficiently without any delay. Earlier the detection, lesser will be the side-effects of oral cancer. If exposed at the right time it can be treated and cured. Hence, it is of paramount importance to be aware of the symptoms especially if you already have the habit of smoking or chewing tobacco.

On a lighter note, let’s always remember Dr. Seuss when he said, “Teeth are always in style”
so let’s take care and smile on!


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