6 Tips on How to Stay Bald and Beautiful

According to me, it is remarkably fabulous to see women with bald hair. Not everyone has the courage to flaunt something unusual and be proud of it. These days, many women prefer to go bald, maybe because of the heat or deadly diseases like cancer, or hair fall or for donating their hair or simply because they prefer to keep it like that. 

In India, it is unacceptable for women to go bald and those engulfed in deadly diseases like cancer are bound to hair fall. But fret not, the strong lady that you are, we have some amazing quirks to make you look that timeless diva that you are! 

1. Confidence is the key

Anyone for that matter, even actors would fail to deliver charm if they lack confidence. I feel confidence is at the heart of beauty. And with this attitude, you can carry off any style with ease and grandeur.

2. Accessorize it right

Yes! The best way to accessorize is to keep it minimal yet impactful. Try wearing headbands and big earrings. These days, there are beautiful chemo caps available for cancer patients which help in reduced hair fall during chemotherapy. 

3. Makeup it light

Try to stay basic in terms of basic which will help in highlighting your features well.

4. Feel beautiful

Whatever anyone may say, if you feel beautiful, you're beautiful, because you're what you believe in. Your beauty is not limited to your mane, it's endless. There are times when people even name those who have too long hair, so that's what human mind is all about. Rise and shine in what you have, and make it beautiful! 

It is a matter of pride for all the cancer patients who are such great fighters and despite all odds, keep it bare while accepting themselves. Very few have that courage and power to love their own skin.

5. Tattoo it 

You can consider a head tattoo, be it through temporary modes like henna or permanent ones. It looks chic and cool.

6. Handle it with care

Always take great care of your scalp by washing it twice-thrice a week, applying hair moisturizer/conditioners. Also, make sure to use silk pillows as it keeps the scalp soft and encourages softness for the new hair growth.

Lastly, do not feel yourself a completely different person just because you are bald, it doesn't really define you. But yes, flaunt yourself the best and people will look back at you, twice! 

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