How is ovarian cancer detected?

Ovarian cancer is the cancerous growth that occurs in the ovary. It is majorly caused through the epithelium or the outer lining of the ovary. Research says that it is the most 8th most common cancer among women and the 5th most common cause of cancer deaths among women. However, study says that if it is properly diagnosed in the early stages before the tumor is spread, it can help in increasing the survival rate.

There are a number of best ovarian cancer treatment doctors in Navi Mumbai and with proper diagnosis, one can be cured of the illness.

One must think of the diagnostic procedure involved and get the best ovarian cancer treatment in Mumbai. We have compiled an entire list on the same.

The Doctor does a thorough examination of the pelvic area which includes:

  • A careful inspection of the outer part of the genitals

  • Insertion of two gloved fingers into the vagina with simultaneous pressing of hand at the abdomen to feel the ovary and uterus

  • Insertion of a device called speculum into the vagina to visually check for any abnormalities

Based on this examination, the doctor may recommend the following tests or procedures:

  • Imaging tests like ultrasound or CT scans of the abdomen and pelvis which can help determine the size, shape, and structure of the ovaries and search for any abnormalities involved

  • Blood Test for detecting a protein called the CA 125 which is commonly found in the surface or crust of the ovarian cancer cells

  • Surgery procedure to remove a sample of tissue or abdominal fluid to confirm the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Minimally invasive or robotic surgery can also be the possible options. If cancer is detected or discovered, the surgeon tries to remove as much as cancer cells as possible by doing immediate surgery.

Using the results of the surgery, Doctors decide the stage of your cancer, which further helps in the related treatment of the illness.

The Stages of Ovarian Cancer includes:

  • Stage I: Cancer found in one or both the ovaries

  • Stage II: Cancer has spread to other parts of the pelvis

  • Stage III: Cancer has spread to the abdomen

  • Stage IV: Cancer is found outside the abdomen

Once, the diagnosis and extent of the cancer are established, timely treatment is necessary. We've some of the best Ovarian Cancer Treatment doctors in Navi Mumbai and other parts of Mumbai to assist you and provide timely treatment.

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