5 Breast Cancer Symptoms that woman should not ignore

A women's body is ever-changing and sometimes the changes that may seem normal to us could be signs of cancer. One should hence pay attention to their body and the changes that occur, to see if there may be chances of contracting cancer.

Let's discuss a few signs or symptoms that women usually overlook, but could be clear signs of cancer:

1. Breast changes

Most breast lumps that occur are not necessarily cancer, but it is always good to get it checked with the doctor. Also, let the doctor know if there are changes in skin dimpling or puckering, nipples that turn upward, nipple discharge if any and redness or scaling of the skin of the breast area.

The doctor could ask for a mammogram or biopsy to look for the cause of the symptoms that occur which involves removing a tiny piece of tissue of the concerned area for testing.

2. Between-Period Bleeding

If you are bleeding apart from your usual monthly cycle, it could be because of many causes. Irregular periods, with the flow being heavier and painful every increasing month, there is pelvic pain or if one is bleeding between periods, you should consult with your doctor to see if there are chances of endometrial cancer which is the cancer of the lining of the uterus. Also, if one bleeds after menopause, one should get it checked, as it is never normal.

3. Change in Lymph nodes

If one sees hard lymph nodes around their breast area, it could be the possibility of breast cancer. Such swollen or lymph nodes are caused by an infection. If not taken care of, can spread to become enlarged lymph nodes and get more dangerous. One can expect a physical examination or biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

4. Nipple Discharge

If you see that there is any unusual discharge from your nipples, it could be a risk of getting breast cancer.If the discharge has a pungent odor or different color, one shouldn't neglect this unusual behavior and ask for medical advice.

5. Rash or Crusting

Any rash or hard and unusual crusting around the breast area could be a possible symptom of breast cancer that shouldn't be neglected and one should seek for medical examination. 


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