Best Breast Cancer Treatment In Navi Mumbai & Mumbai

It is not that all women get breast cancer, but sometimes, some factors are responsible for the same. Breast Cancer is very rare below the age of 20. However, above the age of 20 years, the chances increase. Basically, the Breast Cancer is a cancer of the glandular breast tissue. It is observed that the breast cancer is the fifth most common cancer after lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer and colon cancer. The known risk factors for the breast cancer consists of the following factors:

  • Family History
  • Li-Fraumeni Syndrome
  • Atypical hyperplasia of the Breast
  • Late-age at first full-term pregnancy
  • Early Menarche
  • Late Menopause

As some of these risk factors are not easily modifiable such as genetic predisposition and hence, other strategies of the reduction of breast cancer risk must be considered. For proper treatment of such ailment, many cancer patients mostly embraced with an allopathic medicine which entirely depends on the stages of cancer. Therefore, we believe that the Radical Surgery is a thing of the past. So, reach us without any hesitation and put away your breasts moulds, fears of losing your breast or being socially isolated and attain the services of our Breast Cancer Treatment In Navi Mumbai. We motivate such patients towards the zeal of a longer and happier life by promising them that the Breast reconstruction can be easily done at the time of cancer surgery or even years after your cancer has been treated. So, do not need to worry we are here and consistently curing the patients vulnerable to cancer with flawlessness with the services of our Breast Cancer Treatment In Mumbai. We deliver the services of Best Breast Cancer Treatment In Mumbai in such a way that people even don’t get any fear with the name of this disease as well. For this treatment, we offer cost-adequate surgeries such as:

  • Modified Radical Mastectomy
  • Breast Conservative Surgery
  • Michrodochectomy
  • Oncoplasty, Lattisimus Dorsi
  • Reconstruction (LD Recon)
  • Implants and Expanders [With Plastic Surgeons]
  • Whole Breast & Nipple Reconstruction [With Plastic Surgeons]

Hence, save your breast and look beautiful again..

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